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If you are looking for quality independent mortgage advice then we believe you're in the right place!


We are in a position to guide you through the mortgage maze and aim to find you the mortgage deal that best suits your needs, whatever your circumstances.


We can also help you if you are looking to protect your monthly mortgage payments, want to insure the contents of your home or arrange life cover and critical illness cover, as we offer advice on products from a range of providers.


RH Properties provide personal and financial guidance in the Finance department. RH Properties desires to work with customers to ensure that they receive the right financial product for the right reasons to ensure a financial future.


Types Of Mortgages :–



There are many things you need to consider when you buy your first home. You need to work out how much you can afford to borrow before you start looking for a property. This will depend on whether you have a deposit, how much you earn and whether you are buying with someone else. There are many costs involved in buying your first home, for example, conveyancing fees and Stamp Duty (depending on the price and location of the property, as some areas are exempt from Stamp Duty). We will clearly explain the costs involved in getting your first mortgage and buying a property and explain why it is important to have a budget for when you move into your new home. We will help you arrive at a figure you can borrow and comfortably afford to pay every month. When we have selected a suitable lender together, we will obtain a mortgage certificate for you to show to the seller of your first home, giving them confidence that you are in a position to go ahead.



With a self-certification mortgage, you 'certify' your own income, stating what your annual income is, rather than providing payslips as evidence. This type of mortgage may be suitable for you if you have difficulty proving your income but are in a position to meet the monthly repayments. For example, you may be self-employed, work on short-term contracts, rely heavily on bonuses and commissions or you may have income from more than one source. Initial interest rates may be higher than mainstream mortgages because self-certification mortgages are regarded as carrying a higher risk.

  • With a self-certification mortgage, you ‘certify’ your own income
  • May be suitable for people who have difficultly proving their income
  • Offered by a number of specialist lenders
  • There are a range of competitive deals available
  • You must be able to repay the mortgage
  • Whether you require a self certification or a mortgage based on affordability, we may be able to help you.

The overall cost for comparison is 6.9% APR. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.


More lenders now calculate the amount you can borrow based on your net disposable income rather than the traditional method of multiplying your gross salary, e.g. 3x gross salary. While rates remain low, this may allow you a larger borrowing capacity and mean you don’t need to self certify your income. These types of mortgages are offered by a number of specialist lenders. However, a range of competitive deals are available, some of which are only available via mortgage advisers.



If you are an existing homeowner, there are many reasons why you may want to remortgage. These may include trying to get a lower mortgage rate than the one you are paying now or simply to borrow more money, for instance, to fund home improvements. There are costs involved in remortgaging, however, some lenders now offer special remortgage packages where some of the costs are met by the lender, for example, valuation fee and conveyancing costs, so it may be possible to keep initial expenditure down.

  • There are many reasons why you may want to remortgage
  • There are costs associated with remortgaging
  • Some lenders offer special remortgage packages designed to reduce costs such as valuation fee and conveyancing costs
  • We offer advice on remortgage products available from the whole of market
  • We aim to take the hassle out of arranging a remortgage

We can provide advice on remortgage deals available from the whole of market and aim to reduce the hassle that can sometimes be involved when remortgaging. We search the market for the most appropriate product, deal with the relevant paperwork and administration and provide you with regular updates.


We promise to put in a place the right financial solutions that we agree you need, in a transparent, efficient and proffessional way.


We will do this by:

  • Completing a factfind with you, so we can make recommendations that meet your needs.
  • Put our recommendations in writing, so you can see what we have suggested and why.
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